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So what is NEU Homecare....

NEU-Homecare products were created by a dad (with over 30 years experience as a cleaning formulation chemist) with a simple goal in mind: maximize cleaning performance without the hazardous chemicals. All NEU-Homecare products have a neutral pH, thus cannot react with any common or exotic materials. 

 With your safety and the environment in mind, NEU-Homecare products are formulated to clean gently and effectively without the use of hazardous chemicals found in typical cleaning products and even some so-called “green” cleaning products. NEU-Homecare provides the clean without the hazard. NEU-Homecare is up to the cleaning challenge. 

Never tested on animals...


 Our products have never been tested on animals.  

Proudly made in the USA


All NEU-Homecare Products are proudly manufactured in the USA. 

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Product Testimonials

Katie S. - Edgerton, WI


"Finally a line of products that I can use throughout the home safely."

Rae Ette N. - LaGrande, OR


"I just love the fresh clean smell of the products - thank you for making safe products I can use around my family and pets."

Jenni S. - W. Lafayette, IN


"This glass cleaner is awesome - it cleans without streaks and leaves a pleasant scent."

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