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About Us

Adaven Marketing Inc.

Adaven Marketing Inc. (AMI) was founded in 1992 by Scott Newman (Current President and CEO) as a marketing/distributing company.  Our primary focus was selling cleaning products to independent retail hardware stores , vacuum shops, car washes, pet supply stores and carpet stores.  AMI expanded to covering the Upper Midwest and now distributes products in the US, Canada, S. Korea and Australia.  In 2003 AMI purchased the assets of Positive Products Inc. and acquired the Stain-X brand of products.  

Adaven Marketing Inc. now manufactures, markets and sells a full line of specialty cleaning and janitorial products under multiple brands.   Headquartered in Madison, WI, AMI utilizes the latest technology and chemistry to provide the best products available at competitive prices.

In 2018 Adaven Marketing Inc. signed an exclusive deal to be the marketing agent for all NEU products.  We are striving to bring NEU products to a store near you.

pH neutral cleaning it just better...

The safest and best way to clean your home without all of the toxic chemicals and fumes associated with other cleaners.